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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Don't be seduced with the dream of easy success

Weird times we live in huh?

A few months ago, I was sitting in my office, thinking of ways to keep my department relevant. So much time and brain power was used in thinking of ways to keep the Recruiting team out of the firing line (literally) in times when hiring wasn't happening as quickly as it had in the past. I knew it was tough times, but fought hard to keep my team in tact. Not that it was specifically targeted by my company, however I know investors and market analysts asked the question repeatedly to my Directors.

I was dying to get my teeth into the market, salivating at the idea of all that talent out there waiting for me to hire them, Super Dan to the rescue, handing out jobs to those who need them and helping the company rise above this recession at the same time.

And now? Well, guess what? I have my opportunity! Here it is Dan, we need the people, out you go. Don the super gear, put on the cape, (underpants on the outside, well that's optional) and find us all that talent!

Cool, easy, this'll rock. Right? Wrong! Man was I surprised. Ready, set, post ad, sit back and wait for all the great talent to line up at your desk begging for a job for half the salary they would have earned 1 year ago.

The applications did flood in, and flood in and flood in. My Inbox is almost alive, I think it is breathing, and I know it is watching me. I'm filtering through it and honestly.... the expected line of A candidates, must be stuck at someone else's desk.

I find myself being meaner than normal, meaner is a harsh term, I'm expecting more of my candidates at the moment. I'm fighting harder to manage the businesses expectations and hit my own expectations with the realistic shovel. I didn't think I'd have to hunt for passive candidates for a while.. but guess what? Just did, couldn't get the skill set via ad and had to find another avenue to deliver.. What the?

Don't be seduced with the dream of easy success if you only had the requirements to work on. Quality is of even more importance at the moment, don't sacrifice!

My apologies to all if anyone thought the world as we knew it has changed irreversibly.... THE GAME HASN'T CHANGED, the rules haven't changed, there is a few more players in some parts and a few less in others. You still have to work hard to get the right talent in. (I'm yet to find that magic wand, if anyone has it out there, please share)

It's great though, I love the buzz of hiring. Being allowed to hire is what sustains my team. Hiring people gives us strength and allows us to build momentum to really add value to the organisation. We are really glad we kept filling the talent pool.

That would be my biggest tip to anyone out there reading this in the Recruitosphere, if your market hasn't turned.. keep working that talent pool, be honest with your candidates, be ready to deliver when the time comes.

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