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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Memory Lane from a Michael Jackson song...

My kids have been caught up in the Michael Jackson tributes and my son in particular will harass me every day in the car... "Daddy, can you put on Michael Jackson please?"

I'm not sure how, but I didn't know this song. "PYT... Pretty Young Thing" it amused me. When I did a really, REALLY short stint as a R2R person, this is one of the key phrases one particular (short lived) client would use to describe what they wanted me to find for them. Sales history, consistent record of surpassing budgets? nah, Knowledge and Network in the industry? nah not so important. A dynamic ruthless cold caller, who will build business no matter what? not so much.

For those about to get the sexist outrage happening, I can feel the heat rising already, this was from a mature aged woman. She said (and some license must be given due to the fact that this would be 10 or so years ago)

"Find me a pretty young thing, please" "Someone who sounds young and chirpy on the phone. The majority of leaders in this industry are middle aged males, they rarely turn down a chance to meet up with someone like this!"

She was serious! I am rarely lost for words. I didn't take the brief. I couldn't imagine the conversation to those unsuccessful.

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