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Friday, July 30, 2010

Well, That's that then

It is with mixed emotions that I announce today that I have, after 8 years, worked my last day with DWS.

It has been an amazing period of my life, a period I will always look back at fondly and with pride. Much has changed at since I walked into the DWS doors 8 years ago. DWS has grown from 110 people, purely in Melbourne to now having over 550, across every major city in Australia. I too have changed, grown, professionally, I managed to manage a national function with people not only locally reporting to me, but people interstate too. I learned and implemented lots of initiatives, both successful and not so successful. And personally, in that last 8 years, each one of my 3 kids has been born.

I'm thankful for the opportunities afforded me at DWS. I was given the freedom to try things, within reason, and I learned an amazing amount from the people around me.

But after 8 years, things had run their natural course and it is time for something new.

It is now time to see if I can walk the talk I have been evangelising for the last few years. This is something that really excites me. I am now formally embracing all aspects of the Talent Acquisition world with Peerlo, an innovative, free thinking organisation, with some amazing people. I am super excited about this and cannot wait until I can really get my teeth into this.

As I step into this next chapter of my career, I'd like to thank DWS and all the amazing people I met in my time there. I've had some amazing times and I wish you all well in the future.

So, I'm Dan from DWS no more. Keep watching this space world.... here I come!

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