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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

From Robbie Williams to Frank Sinatra the inevitable transition

My apologies as the embedded link doesn't seem to be working.

Something about having a birthday makes me nostalgic. I find myself prone to reflecting on what has been in my life and what will happen in the future. I discovered today that I have just passed a milestone, which went largely unnoticed by everyone, including me. But not anymore.

I turned 35 a week or so back. I'm pretty happy with how things have gone to date. I've done the three "L's" I always planned on doing. I've lived, I've loved and I've laughed. I have a happy home, with a wonderful wife and 2 amazing kids and my career, has gone OK so far, the odd little setback, but you have to have those. And you know what else??? I can feel my prime coming on, surely it can't be too far away.

OK enough bragging, but I am grateful.

In this last week, I have transitioned from Robbie Williams to Frank Sinatra. How's that for an ego? :) Watch the video!

You can see the lyrics here for those who don't know the song.

Bottom line, I can't get away with being 17 or 21 anymore. I'm no Robbie! I'm 35, bring on the chauffeur drivers (I think that is my wife and I for the kids) and independent means! Here's hoping I can live up to old Blue eyes and as I enter the Autumn of my years, that I can still "think of my life as vintage wine from fine old kegs, From the brim to the dregs. it poured Sweet and clear. it was a very good year."

Cheers All

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