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Thursday, October 15, 2009

$#IT Happens

I write a lot from the Recruiter point of view, but I had one of those weeks, which changed my mindset for a while.

I've had to make a number of calls to unsuccessful candidates. As a job to do... that sucks.. but you know what?.. I'm sure it doesn't suck as much as taking the call.

Going for a job is a brave thing to do. You're putting yourself out there to be judged by others. Baring your soul, putting your future in someone else's hands to decide on. Like those people who will put themselves out there for reality TV.

Put yourself in the jobseeker shoes if you will... You know how it goes, you get excited about a role, you invest in it, you research it, you go to the interview, like the people you meet, you think you perform well, and you leave the meeting absolutely PUMPED! Dreams change, your ego rises and you start mentally preparing your exit strategy.

You then get the call, from the Recruiter. You were unsuccessful.... what the? How did that happen? OK, ask for feedback, you're tough.. you can take it.

What? nothing specific, just someone better? Seriously? That had that little tiny skill that you thought you could learn in a heart beat and out pointed you on that?

I have to tell you, oh job seeker... this HAPPENS ALL THE TIME! Sometimes it is really hard to quantify why one person was chosen over another, other than that other poor reason, "culture fit!" You didn't blow the interview, they just chose someone else. (Even if you blew the interview, review the interview again honestly to yourself, take the feedback and use it in the next one. By the way, personal honesty is the hardest type, it is not that comfortable inside that house of mirrors)

It sucks, I know. To quote the great man Forrest Gump "Shit happens". Suck it up, be upset, that's fine, that shows a competitive nature and no one should like to lose, and find the next door to open. It may be hidden, or out of sight, but trust me... it's there somewhere.

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