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Monday, May 18, 2009

Question to self.... are you a fraud?

It's been an interesting day. A busy busy day, which started in a flurried search for a phone hiding in my car and ending with me questioning my very worth... as I said... interesting day.

The flurry of the morning was compounded by an innocuous little quote in the book I'm reading. Now I won't quote it directly as it is fiction, and I cannot be bothered finding it again. However, the crux of the quote was that all professionals have a fear that they will be found out as a fraud. That their clients, colleagues or bosses will dig that little deeper and find out that they aren't as good as they make out.

Powerful stuff... I know I've felt like that, and I have a fair sized ego. Even in writing my blog, adding comments to discussions etc, does what I have to say have relevance? Will people even care or comment. Will what I say show me up for the fraud I feel at times. It is always hard to believe I'm supposed to be a grown up now. I'm married and have 2 kids for goodness sake, I've been working since I was 16 (coming up to 20 years soon), in my career for the last 12, I mean really, this is ridiculous. I should know what I am on about by now, I should be confident.

Most of the time I do, and I am. Just every now and then, that little cloud of doubt sneaks in and hangs around for a while. It is exacerbated by a number of factors, tiredness, (constant) negative feedback, lack of success, poor morale etc.

The good thing here... I know who can fix it. Simple, just follow these simple steps. (look out Letterman, I'm doing another list!)

1/ Wake up tomorrow
2/ Drag yourself out of bed
3/ Wander into the shower
4/ Finish shower
5/ Towel off
6/ Walk over to sink and mirror
7/ Grab towel
8/ Close you eyes
9/ Use Towel to wipe the mirror clean
10/ Say hello to the person most likely to help

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